Our Mission

APHMG supports genetics education and educators across the spectrum of medical training to ensure that healthcare professionals are prepared to utilize genetics and genomics in an inclusive and effective manner.

Our Vision

To prepare healthcare professionals to apply genetics effectively within their scope of practice, we provide a platform for professors of human and medical genetics to exchange ideas and support each other’s professional development. We work collaboratively to develop curriculum guidelines and share genetics and genomics education resources.We partner with genetics, clinical, and medical education organizations to promote equitable genetics and genomic education for all. We advocate for the creation of inclusive, current and timely educational programs in our field -from classroom to bedside.


The Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics (APHMG) was established in 1995 to promote and support the continuous development of, and improvement in, genetics academic programs in North American medical and graduate schools. Areas of particular emphasis and excellence are education, administration, and advocacy.

Our success is due to our outstanding membership, including Medical genetics residency program directors, Medical school genetics course/curriculum directors, Laboratory fellowship program directors, Clinical geneticists, Genetic counselors, and others interested in genetics education.

Our Activities

APHMG holds an annual 2-3 day workshop that addresses medical genetics educational issues. 

APHMG is involved in a variety of other academic activities throughout the year.

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