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The Medical School Genetics Course Directors Special Interest Group (CD SIG) is comprised of faculty involved in undergraduate and graduate medical education focused on genetics.  This includes course/block/thread leadership and participating faculty. This is an active group which meets regularly and is working on several projects including the update of the Medical School Genetic curriculum guidelines, and  editing the question bank to align with NBME style and mapping to curriculum competencies.

Within the Course Directors SIG section is also the Genetics Education Resource Exchange (GERE). The goal of GERE is to provide a straightforward easy way to share teaching materials and resources related to medical and human genetics.  The GERE has a curator (a member of the CD SIG) who is responsible for updating content and soliciting new submissions.

    Core Competencies

    We are pleased to let you know that the 2022 UPDATED APHMG CORE COMPETENCIES are now available– please refer to them as you review and update your genetics courses/curricula, and share this reference with others! 

    APHMG Core Competencies

    The 2022 Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics (APHMG) consensus-based update of the core competencies for undergraduate medical education in genetics and genomics. 

    Massingham LJ, Nuñez S, Bernstein JA, Gardner DP, Parikh AS, Strovel ET, Quintero-Rivera F. Genet Med. 2022. Oct: 2167-2179. doi: 10.1016/j.gim.2022.07.014.  Epub 2022 August 31. PMID: 36040446. 

    Medical genetics curriculum updates are periodically necessary to ensure future physicians have the tools to provide the most current care. This 2022 competency update follows the 2013 revision of curriculum guidelines. Competency-based education has encouraged attention to education outcomes rather than focusing on the structure and process aspects of education. The competencies are grouped in alignment with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and American Board of Medical Specialties six core competencies, which serve as the foundation of ACGME’s accreditation model. This current update was completed through a modified Delphi consensus process, aimed to ensure the competencies reflect scientific advancements, align with current practice, articulate the highest level of performance expected for a medical student, are written as measurable outcomes, and actively contribute to eliminating health disparities. For educators, these competencies can be used ​for curriculum content design and to aid in prioritizing concepts, especially given time/allocation restrictions in curricula. Our goal is to promote learning opportunities that incorporate these concepts to develop the skills, knowledge, and behaviors related to each of the domains. For students, these competencies can be used to guide their studying and ensure they understand the key genetics concepts.  For a full description of the process taken to update the competencies, please refer to the publication (link above). A summary table of the competencies is also provided below for ease of reference.   

    View the Summary table


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    CD SIG Member Resources

    The posted GERE materials available to members include:

    • multiple choice question bank
    • small group sessions
    • lecture slides
    • flipped classroom materials
    • summaries of available teaching videos
    • sample clinical genetic test results
    • materials from previous workshops
    • USMLE/COMLEX Step Review materials
    • publications by our members related to teaching genetics
    • links to relevant websites and videos

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    Course Directors SIG Member Resources

    The resources located in this section have been provided by members of the Course Directors SIG, and are accessible to APHMG members only.

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