Genetics Education Resource Exchange (GERE)

About GERE

The Genetics Education Resource Exchange (GERE) is the effort of the APHMG Genetics Course Directors Special Interest Group (CD SIG) and is for APHMG members only.

The goal is to provide an easy way to share teaching materials and resources related to medical and human genetics. In GERE, you will find resources organized by type. We have made an attempt to indicate who provided each resource to GERE, and if you want further information on the resource, you should attempt to contact the relevant author.

The resources located in the GERE section have been provided by members of the CD SIG, and are freely available to all APHMG members.

Need Help?

For membership questions, contact us at or call 305-661-5581 (M-F 9am-5pm EST)


The posted materials include:

  • Small group session outlines

  • Summaries of available teaching videos and links to them

  • Sample genetic testing results

  • News articles that discuss genetic topics

  • USMLE Step Review materials

  • Publications on teaching, including those from our members

  • Materials from previous CD SIG workshops

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